Boss Baby + Giveaways: Bullying Series

This post is the first of four posts I’ll be writing this month about bullying-related literature you can use with your students.  Click here to learn more about this special series on bullying. Be sure to check out the giveaway Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division is doing this week for readers of this blog post.  Details follow at the bottom of this post.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times my husband and I have heard the phrase, “You’re life is going to change,” once people find out we’re expecting a baby early next year.  I chuckle a bit every time I hear this since I know our lives are going to change, hopefully for the better.  It seems inevitable and obvious that they would.  However, reading The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee can make any expectant parent a little nervous about the way a baby can take over the house and rule the roost once s/he arrives.

The Boss Baby isn’t written for parents, although the book is extremely witty.  Rather, it’s target audience four to eight year-olds, which makes it a perfect text to use with primary students when you notice bossy, demanding, or snippy behavior playing out in your classroom.  Since The Boss Baby is a humorous story about a baby who bosses his parents around incessantly, it’s a non-threatening way to get kids talking about the way they treat their others, advertently or inadvertently.  On the surface, it may not seem like an obvious book to introduce the subject of bullying, but I truly believe its humorous tone will help break down kids’ walls about bullying and get them to start admitting about the ways in which they treat others.  Just as you would with any read aloud you do, plan for think-alouds, turn & talks, and even a stop & jot while you’re reading.  Small group discussions, with accountable talk, seem like a natural way to close-out this story.

Here are three excerpts from the text so you can read Frazee’s clever writing style.  To that end, The Boss Baby can also serve as a mentor for your students who are writing about times they’ve felt bossed around or hurt by the seemingly uncaring attitude of another person.


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  • Material from The Boss Baby is used by permission from Simon & Schuster, copyright © 2010 by Marla Frazee.