Getting Ready to Go “Back to School”

Some teachers are enjoying August without a care in the world, while others are at the bitter end of their summer vacation.  Therefore, I thought I’d take a few minutes to point you to some “back to school” posts we’ve written through the years in order to help you get ready for the school year.

If you want more back to school posts, then just search our archives.  Just use the pull-down menu in the left-nav of this blog to view our old posts month-by-month.  Additionally, if you’re looking for something specific, just type the words, in quotes, in the top right corner of the blog and then click on search.

Finally, four non-TWT links.

  1. Check out Franki Sibberson’s “Whole Class Interviews: Building Community in Writing Workshop” Article over at Choice Literacy.  It’ll provide you with an excellent framework for creating writing interviews.
  2. Click here for lots of tips for using Wordle in your classroom.
  3. Jen Barney’s list of the top ten things to remember when teaching writing.
  4. Read through Responsive Classroom’s August 2010 Newsletter, which is packed with ideas about great ways to start the new school year.