Vanquishing Evil (Ruth’s SOLS)

A grand adventure in the backyard.

Never fear, Hannah, Stephanie, and Sam are on a quest to capture “Ronald Darkin,” who is plotting to drop a peanut butter and jelly bomb on our house. They have top secret maps, magic rocks, deluxe weapons (made with aluminum foil), a wagon with super-powers, traps, and a plan to save the world. They’ve been on an adventure for more than an hour and I think the epic battle is nearing the final stage.
Although like The Puddles, who my brother Jeff and I battled in the Eighties, I imagine Ronald Darkin will escape by the skin of his teeth and return to wreak havoc on the world another day. . .

At dinner last night, they all claimed their adventure as their favorite part of the day. They even retold the tale to Andy when he got home. When they wake, we will start today with one of my favorite books, Roxaboxen by Barbara Cooney, and they will be fueled for another day of adventure.