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A Grey Day (Ruth’s SOLS 25/31)

It’s been a grey day today. All day the sky has been shades of grey and the rain has come down. I like grey days from time to time. They make me want to slow down and remember all the reasons I have to be grateful. I remember a slew of gratitudes in order to keep rainy day blues away. On this grey day, I’m thankful for:

    • A red kitchen.
    • Wireless Internet.
    • A clean house.
    • A working vehicle.
    • A fireplace and warm blankets.
    • Giggles.
    • Fuzzy socks.
    • A full life.

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  1. It was a grey day here. I also love grey days from time to time, but I had never made the connection of why quite like you did. Yet, as soon as I read your thoughts it made perfect sense. I usually do slow down on gray days and do activities like snuggle with my girls and watch a movie. I also love nights when I wake up and hear rain outside, so relaxing!


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