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Dinner Alfresco (Ruth’s SOLS 19/31)

Tonight we ate dinner outside. Although it was a little chilly, we gathered around a patio table with some of our closest friends. The kids ate on a blanket in the grass. The breeze carried their giggles to us.

Perhaps it was because of the sunshine . . .

Perhaps it was because I spent a day-off carefree with a best friend . . .

Perhaps it was because of juicy strawberries . . .

Or maybe it was because of freshness of Spring . . .

But I felt renewed. The stress floated away today.

I felt like we were celebrating the joy of  sunshine, the hope of Spring, and friendship simply by eating dinner outside.

(Now if only I can keep these feelings in spite of the snow being called for this weekend . . .)

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6 thoughts on “Dinner Alfresco (Ruth’s SOLS 19/31) Leave a comment

  1. Ruth, dining outdoors is always good for the soul. Somehow food always seems to taste better as well, i find. Your post truly captures the critical importance of enjoying the place in which you find yourself. It exemplifies the saying -wherever you are, be there!
    Bon appetito


  2. I enjoyed today knowing that we have some rain coming to us on Sunday and Monday. I wanted to eat al fresco, too but alas… no place to do so! Glad you enjoyed your day!


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