First Book EVER! (Ruth’s SOLS 15/31)

While talking with Stacey, Sam demanded that I staple a handful of pages he was pushing at me. I tried to quiet him.

He was having none of it. “Momma, this needs stapled!”

I covered the phone and said, “I’m on the phone with Stacey right now, go find Dad.”

“I know you’re working on a book,” he said, “I am too. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease staple my pages.”

I turned my back and he ran off to find Andy. If only I would have known I was missing his first publication.

He found Andy who helped him staple the pages. When I hung up the phone, he rushed me: “MOMMA! LOOK! I wrote my first book EVER!” He held the book in both hands above his head so I could see.

“Wow!” I hugged him.

“Will you snuggle up while I read this to you?”

“Sure,” I said, following him to the couch.

He began reading, “Lots of Love by Sam . . .”

After he finished he asked, “Momma, will you video tape me reading my first book ever? I think we’ll want to remember this.”

“No problem. I’ll get the video camera.”

“And I’ll practice while you do that.” He turned to the cover of the book and began reading it again.

Of course the story changed with each reading. That’s okay, because his confidence grew with each reading. A writer already — at the ripe age of four. Now the challenge will be for him to keep writing — and be as excited about it when he is 14 as he is right now.

(P.S. He chose his book to read before bed tonight. He put it in the “Sam Books” basket on our bookshelf. I think it is the perfect place, along side all of his favorites.)