Fresh Poetry Links

I’ve taken class trips for the sole purpose of having students write poetry.  My students have written poems atop the Prudential Center in Boston, from the Top of the Rock, next to the animals at the Bronx Zoo, and in the lush gardens at the NY Botanical Garden.  I’ve urged students to take their notebooks with them on weekend trips so they would be ready to write a poem if they were inspired.

This month, is hosting a multi-media mapping project called Poem on the Range, which is inviting you to geo-tag poems.  This is an exciting project you, and your students, might want to take part in as National Poetry Month approaches.  Click here to learn more about the submission process, which is open until April 21st, 2010.

Additionally, if you’re gearing-up for National Poetry Month and need some fresh resources, then check out poet Joyce Sidman’s website.  Click here to go directly to the “Teachers” Section.  Be sure to check out the “Poem Starters” Page, which will provide you with fodder for types of poems you can teach to your students.

Happy Poetry Writing!