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What makes a home? (Ruth’s SOLS 9/10)

Two weeks ago one of my best friends moved and now lives two hours away. She was in town yesterday and today presenting at my school. We were able to chat a little, but not enough. She was sharing with me how her new house doesn’t feel like home. Which made me begin to consider: What makes a home?

  • Snuggly blankets and comfy furniture to make you feel warm on the outside, plus gentle giggles and hugs to make you feel warm on the inside.
  • Smiling faces on the walls of those who are most important.
  • Collections that make you happy. For me, these are scrapbook albums and A’s.
  • Evidence of the people who live there. In our home this involves: trains and dolls and backpacks and work boots and books beside our beds.
  • The feeling of security when you walk in the door and know — no matter what — life will be okay because now you are home.
  • Hugs and hugs and more hugs.
  • A bit of red. 🙂

What makes a home for you?

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  1. Home isn’t home to me until I bake my cinnamon bread in the house for the very first time! it is a tradition I have kept alive in every residence since college! Good bread always make a house smell homey….


  2. Mmm … I love these definitions of home. For me it is my books, my notebooks, my music, my photographs, my cats and my craft stuff. In truth, though, it’s my mother’s house. Wherever she is living is ‘home’ for me.


  3. Home is where I can blast my music the loudest it can go and jump around singing into a spoon in my kitchen.
    Home is photographs on the walls and dirt on the floor.
    Home is where Justin and I are together.


  4. Home… I think I’ve been living in my adult home, my now home, my fantasy home for the last 12 years. This home showcases my passion for art, my love of the outside coming in, and I often show it off in photos. It doesn’t have kids living in it, no pets, just me and shared often with Tuvia. It’s a space of peace…without the chaos of the past…


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