A Surprise (Ruth’s SOLS 7/31)

Despite a cold that caused him to miss church this morning, my husband surprised me when I got home from service. “Do you want to go to the hockey game this afternoon?”

I cut my eyes to him, thinking about the laundry and the cleaning and the writing that needed done. “I didn’t think you felt well.”

He gave me the smile that melts my resolve, “I’m feeling better, the extra sleep helped. Besides, the kids really want to go. Even Sam has been talking about it since watching so much hockey during the Olympics.”

“But I have so much to do . . .” we both knew I would give-in even before the words were out of my mouth. Actually, we both knew I would give in when he smiled at me, which he did again.

Soon I found myself sitting in the stands, three seats away from Andy. Between us were three kids, dancing and clapping and grinning so big I didn’t even think about the laundry.

He caught my eye over the top of their heads and gave me that smile again. It hit me that this is the first hockey game that I haven’t sat next to him. I looked at the precious bodies between us and realized this is a moment I dreamed about many years ago: having a family together and being able to take them on family outings. Then just as suddenly I wonder how we got old enough to be bringing our three kids to a hockey game.

I glance around and see a  young couple a few rows from us. His arm is resting across the back of her seat; he has a sweet smile that I am sure melts her resolve. I wonder if they see us and the dream begins for them. If only they knew it goes by in the blink of an eye.