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Electricity (Ruth’s SOLS 6/31)

Sam: Momma, tell me something about electricity.

Me: Electricity is interesting, isn’t it? What do you know?

Sam: I know it comes in through wires and goes to the breaker box. Then when we turn on the light switch it makes the lights go on.

Me: Do you know anything else about electricity?

Sam: Yes. It loops around and around something called a circuit. And when it’s outside it goes into transformers. Those are the big things on top of poles.

Me: You sure know a lot.

Sam: I know. I want to learn more, though. Maybe someday I’ll know everything about electricity. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Me: Sure, learning is always fun.

Sam: I know . . . especially learning about electricity.

Note: We have no idea what makes him so curious about electricity. Some boys obsess over dinosaurs or space; our little guy obsesses over electricity and clocks!

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  1. I love this. I love his concentration and interest, but also the confidence of his answers. He really knows his electricity. I would say, in fact, that he knows more about it than I do! Great to be reading Sam stories again. He is just as cute as ever!


  2. My son used to be fascinated by friction. That was right after gravity. I have loved watching channel his “science mind” into a job with the web and design and bytes and code. I’m not only impressed with what he knows, but how he expresses himself.

    Bravo to his Mom.


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