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Happy Heart (Ruth’s SOLS 3/31)

My heart is happy. Although there are many things left undone for the day, there are many more things fulfilled. Sometimes I ruin a happy heart by racing to get everything undone complete. I’m coming to realize there will always be things undone at the end of the evening. My life is too full right now to expect any other outcome. And so I choose a happy heart because today I —

loved and was loved back

smiled at a mistake

listened and listened more

washed, folded, and put away two loads of laundry

cooked two new recipes for dinner

cleaned the kitchen for Andy

ran long-overdue errands

read silly books at bedtime

rubbed my daughter’s back

blew kisses to my son

soaked in the still silence

wrote about the simple things

Really, do the things left undone really matter?

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