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Professional Book: Crafting Writers K – 6 by Elizabeth Hale

As I settled in my chair with a highlighter, pen, and sticky notes, I cracked open Crafting Writers K – 6 by Elizabeth Hale.  I started reading and was soon totally immersed in the book and the work Elizabeth was describing.  In her introduction she writes,

As students need less instruction on how to write [letter formation, spacing, ect.], there is more room for instruction on how to write well.  Fortunately, educators recently started to validate the fact that if effective writing is about the words that are used and the way they are put together, then we need to move beyond just teaching the rules of grammar and the rules of mechanics . . .

I do believe that if the expectation of what we teach students about writing is changing, then so should our preparation.  If we are to teach the craft of writing to students, and not just mechanics and spelling, most of us cannot rely solely on our own histories of writing instruction (3).

The first half of the book cracks open the craft of writers, “looking at the art of writing itself” (5).  Then Elizabeth moves into a discussion of how to teach these craft moves to students in minilessons and conferences.  Finally she devotes the last two chapters to management procedures and assessing writing.

If you would like more information on what to teach students so they will write well, you won’t be disappointed with Crafting Writers K – 6.  This sweet book is filled with practical, clear advice and makes the teaching of craft attainable to all teachers.

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