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Ruth’s Slice of Life: The Storm.

My son gets a little nervous about storms.  Last night, as I sat down to write a blog post, there was a flash of lightening and a crack of thunder shake through the house.  Shortly following was a quiet voice, “Mom, will you come keep me safe?”

At the top of the stairs, I picked him up and held on to the little body that was shaking like a leaf.  “You’re safe.  No worries,” I whispered.  “Remember you don’t have to worry about the weather, you’re safe at home.”

“The safest place is in your bed,” the muffled voice reasoned.

Although it is not a common practice for him to sleep in our bed, I couldn’t resist.  I tucked him in, kissed his clammy head, and whispered good night.  My feet weren’t even out of the bedroom when another thunder boomed through the house. 

“Mom,” his voice thick with panic came through the dark room, “Please stay with me.  Please keep me safe.  Please.”

I made my way back to the bed and snuggle under the covers, holding him close.  He closed his eyes and relaxed.  Although I had laundry to do, cookies half made, a blog post to write, some reading to complete, and I was wide awake, I stayed there beside him.

I decided all of those things could wait.  All of those things will still be on my to-do list years from now.  However, I won’t always have a little boy who wants me to snuggle close and keep him safe.  Lying next to him, I remembered how I longed to have a child.  I remembered the heart break of losing a child.  I remembered the excruciating wait for a child. I remembered wanting nothing more than to feel my baby’s breath upon my cheek.  As his breath tickled my cheek, these reminders made me forget all of the to-dos and have-tos and should-haves and simply focus on this sweet simple slice of life.

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  1. BTW my husband was caught in some of those storms trying to make it across the US. After the Air France flight, it was quite a concern–and I thought about him a lot.

    Snuggling with someone dear while a storm rages around you was a good call on your part. All else can wait. (P.S. There will be more cuddling in your future: the grandchildren like to be cuddled too!)


  2. You are so right. Children will be children for just so long and time goes by so fast. Enjoy even those moments when they kind of get in your way.

    Regarding the storm, I’m part of a site called Shelfari and one of the members was asking if any of us knew of a book that dealt with Storms (her child is 12 and still very afraid of them). I know of books that deal with death and potty training even a Pooh book that talks about monsters in the night; things like that, but have never read one or seen one with that particular topic. Have you?

    If you do, let me know please. I have a web page in for me to receive messages from replies I’ve left. Thanks and keep hugging your child.


  3. I could not think of a better way to spend the evening than spending it with your little one. Children grow up so fast and then they are gone from home. You did the right thing by comforting him and making memories for the both of you.


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