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Big Picture Series: Poetry Matters.

Poetry Matters

One of the reasons poetry is so powerful is because of all that can be taught and learned via this genre.  Since typically this genre is short it makes it manageable for students to try new strategies and techniques.  It is also appealing since it takes less time to write a poem, often drafting, revision, and editing can occur in one sitting.

Yet, the real power of poetry lies in the way the words open doors and new insights about ourselves and the world.  This power is something that can only be understood if it is experienced.  This can happen when we read poems, but even more of an impact is when we write poems.  As teachers of poetry, we should also be poets ourselves.  This is not to say that we all must be professional poets, but that we dabble with words and make poetry.  We share this poetry with those around us, our families, our students, other blog readers.  🙂  Won’t you join us throughout the next eight days and share an original poem?  You can take us up on the challenge of a poem a day, our you can simply challenge yourself to write one poem and share it here on Two Writing Teachers.  I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

One thought on “Big Picture Series: Poetry Matters.

  1. As a published poet, I also teach Organizational Communications, for which I had no academic preparation. The skills you develop writing poetry — being concise, hoosing exact words and phrases — are exactly the ones you need to write suxh things as abstracts, clear instructions, and effective letters.


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