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Learning More About Conventions Through the Close-Study of a Text

I’ve been thinking a lot about conventions and their importance. Without proper conventions, how can a piece of writing hold its own? All of our young writers need to realize that published writers use conventions when they’re drafting, not just as an editing tool.

There’s a new book coming out on Tuesday, 3/10 entitled Alex and Lulu: Two of a Kind by Lorena Siminovich. A review copy was provided to me by Candlewick Publishers.  I simply LOVED it upon first read.  It’s the story of two seemingly opposite friends who realize that you don’t have to be the same in order to have an extraordinary friendship.  However, when I went beyond the big idea of the text, I realized it was an excellent text for teaching students about conventions while they’re crafting in a narrative genre.

Here’s the craft table:

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