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A Quick Reflection.

Stacey and I are big on reflective practice.  (It’s one of the main reasons for our blog.)  To encourage you to do a little on your own, there’s a little poll below.  Won’t you vote?  If you want to take it one more step, then leave a comment telling why you voted the way you did.  Don’t want to be so public, then write your response in your writer’s notebook, or on a stickie note, or tell a friend.  Regardless of how you do it, just take a moment to reflect on your week.

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7 thoughts on “A Quick Reflection. Leave a comment

  1. Once talk of MAP testing (Missouri Assessment Program) started this week, I found myself in a tizzy about my teaching. I hate the self doubt that comes from teaching in a way that is best for kids, but doesn’t always show up on state tests. I can 100% promise GROWTH, but I can’t promise that all my students will be Proficient or Advanced on the testing data. This self doubt sends me in to orbit about; prompted writing vs. workshop writing, contructed response worksheets vs. literature discussion groups, power verb vocabulary vs. authentic vocabulary from read alouds, grammar worksheets vs. mini lessons related to student writing….What is a girl to do…real teaching doesn’t look like a state test or a worksheet page….

    I ache to do the “right thing” by my kids and still feel like I come up short when we (the school) don’t make AYP.


  2. Lynnelle:

    I’ve found that spicing up my Vocabulary Instruction on Thursdays (either some kind of art that depicts the vocab. word or Tableaux) really help to keep the kids going. Plus, I take photos and print them out.

    As for Fridays, we do a craft project for a half hour or so in the afternoon. That keeps everyone motivated and on-task since, if we’re off-task, we won’t have time for the craft project since it’s always scheduled for the end of the school day.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Our state is asking us to document our day. Time on task and time off task. We did this two weeks ago. We have to add to our site goals that so much of our week is spent on task..etc…anyone else have to do this?

    This week Monday-Wednesday were AWESOME-conferring and peer partnerships were going well…minor behavior. Something happened Thursday-Friday. During my afternoon block I had 6 interruptions from 12:00-12:03 while I was teaching a small group and most of them were my trouble getting started kiddos. I was trying something new, and I feel like it didn’t go well because of all the interruptions when we were trying to get started. Also, the behaviors in my room tend to get worse as the weekend approaches.

    But the week before ROCKED! Due to the keeping track of the time on task record I had only 4 interruptions in the entire week, plus other staff members came into my room to work and confer with my students.

    As I write this I am asking myself how can I keep the lag from happening on Thursday and Friday? Spice it up? Make those a different kind of day? Any and all ideas appreciated!



  4. Ditto on the interruptions, plus disturbing news of salary and budget cuts on my mind. After a favorite classmate moved with no goodbye (the 7th child to leave this year) and several students struggling with disruptive behaviors, I felt a need to create times to gather round, relax, and spend time talking about our community. It seemed to help. And I am always surprised at how much I learn from them.


  5. I’m with Megan…so many interruptions! This was my first solid 5 day week of teaching since the Winter Break. I have snuck a writing project into my social studies unit, so we are writing for over an hour every day! Nothing Earth-shattering is happening yet, but I think we’ll be there by Tuesday.


  6. We had a weird week last week with delay days, snow days, and then the day off on Monday. The ups were high with the all the Inauguration stuff. The downs came with all the rush work we did… Just to make up for missing time.


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