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Portable Writer’s Notebooks

I’ve written a couple of mini-grant proposal on in the past couple of years for real writer’s notebooks (i.e., Bluelines and Moleskines) for my students to use so that they wouldn’t have to carry around clunky writer’s notebooks since adult writers don’t (so why should kids if we’re asking them to take their notebook wherever they go)?

My kids wrote thank you notes to the folks who recently donated funds for 40 new writer’s notebooks for them to use. I read through them tonight, prior to putting them in the mail to DonorsChoose, and had to share some of their comments about their notebooks with you. (I think excerpts from their thank you notes might inspire you to write a grant for portable writer’s notebooks!)

  • “The writer’s notebooks are cool because they have a hard cover so nothing happens to it. They have lots of pages you you can write a lot and not waste as many notebooks.”

  • “Thanks for the Black and Red Notebooks. I really wanted one like that – you read my mind. Now I can have another one once I finish one of my notebooks.”

  • “I feel successful with them like I’m a famous writer.”
  • “Thank you for the writer’s notebooks. It helps us because the notebooks let us write in them. It’s better because the other kids have normal notebooks, but we have real notebooks. Finally they let me write important things that happen to me.”
  • “The black ‘n red notebooks are really nice, plus they have a nice little band. The notebooks you donated are spectacular and that was very generous of you.”
  • “Thank you for the cool writer’s notebooks. We were running out and I needed a new notebook because I lost mine. Now I have one. They’re so useful. Thank you so so so much. My notebook helps me come up with ideas.”
  • “It was really generous of you to give us notebooks. We love to write.”

  • All quotes from my kids are unedited by me. They did some peer editing before they turned them in to me.

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    1. That is a wonderful idea! I just submitted a proposal for writer’s notebooks. I also like this because my 6th graders do not have lockers on our middle school campus. There regular notebooks regularly get damaged being scrunched between their books! Thanks for this suggestion!


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