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Some Executives Have Some Mail Coming to Their Offices Now!

Eleven of my kids showed up to school on this very icy Monday. 10:11 of them completed their persuasive letters when they had off on the snow day. (WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Therefore, all of them were able to mail their letters today.

Since I only had 11 kids today, I decided to do something different than usual: take them downstairs to mail their letters themselves. First, I brought them to the office and showed them how the postage meter worked. Then, one-by-one I zipped their letters through the meter so that they’d each have a $.42 marking on them. I handed each envelope back to the student who wrote the letter and then talked about how long it would take for their letters to arrive at their destination. Then, each student posed for a photo as they placed their letter in our school’s “outgoing mail” box.

When I asked my kids, “Do you know that putting a letter into a mailbox is a form of publishing?” they looked at me with wide-eyes. They never considered mailing a letter a form of publishing. But it is, isn’t it? Whenever we send our ideas off into the world, it’s a form of publishing.

And tomorrow… we celebrate their hard work when they read the photocopies of their letters aloud and then enjoy some baked goods and Tampico. 🙂

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