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Looking Back on “One Little Word”

2008’s OLW

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My best friend was at my apartment a couple of weeks ago and noticed a placard that said “Balance” in the top right corner. She asked what that was all about and I told her, “That’s the one little word I’ve been living by this year… balance.” I’ve written about it a lot, with the most recent time being in September. With just a little over a week left in 2008, I thought that now might be a good time to check-in with my word.

Overall, I think I’ve achieved greater balance in my life, especially since the start of the school year. As I looked back on the September check-in I did online, I can say that I’ve succeeded at accomplishing #1, #2, #3, and #5. (Getting to bed earlier, #4, is still a challenge. I know that there are many studies that show the importance of a good night’s rest, which is why this is something I will have to keep pushing myself with in the year to come. Perhaps my OLW of 2009 should be “wellness.”)

Did you challenge yourself to live by ONE LITTLE WORD this year? If so, how did it go for you?

Finally, head over to { A }, where Ali Edwards posted her year-end check-in with OLW (She’s the originator of this fantastic self-challenge).



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  1. Stacey,
    I am intrigued by the “One Little Word” project. Because for several years I’ve had one word that I’ve tried to live out…JOY. I’m still working on it, but it is becoming more a part of my life.
    Anyway, we are required in January to write a classroom book. I think that asking students to come up with “One Little Word” would be fun. Could you give me a little more information on how you did this.



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