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The Reading Zone.

Last weekend I was compelled to return to Nancie Atwell’s book, The Reading Zone, in order to be inspired for this week’s focus lessons.  As I was reviewing it, I ran across this quote:

For students of every ablility and background, it’s the simple miraculous act of reading a good book that turns them into readers, because even for the least experienced, most reluctant reader, it’s the one god book that changes everything.  The job of adults who care about reading is to move heaven and earth to put that book into a child’s hands.

Nancie Atwell, The Reading Zone (2007)

Not only am I posting it here, but I’m printing a copy to put in my line of sight each morning before teaching.  This is the most important thing that I can do for the students who sit in my class each day.  In my struggle to decide what is most important for them to read, I want to remember the importance isn’t in the what they are reading, but that they are engaged in reading.  It isn’t that they are getting ready for the next phase of life, but that they are reading for the good it provides right now.  I want to help every student I teach to connect to books so that they can experience the sheer enjoyment of entering the Reading Zone.

It is here that I will help them become stronger readers, and thus, be prepared for the next grade.

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