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Interviewing My Kids

I administered writing interviews to five of my focal children on Tuesday. One of them actually wrote about it. This was what one of them wrote as a notebook entry that night (N.B.: I’m not fixing spelling, grammar, etc.):

Today at recess time I had a interview it was very interesting because my teacher ask questions I didn’t feel stressed or anything I just supired of what she asked me. It was fun and entertaining I don’t usually ask those kinds of question so it was very supiresing.

I love the fact he wrote about the interview in his notebook. Perhaps it held some meaning for him! And the best part… he wrote in his notebook the following night and it was a pretty strong entry about his favorite season! My response to him, on the notebook rubric, was as follows:

I’m glad you enjoyed the interview on 12/16. I’m going to read over all of your answers over the weekend and respond to you in writing on Monday. That being said, I’m looking forward to meeting with you and reading all of your SIH Sparks on Tuesday the 23rd. Keep following your “Stories to Write” Plan!