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Some Honest Reflections on Our Profession

Juliann wrote a Slice of Life Story today that included the following paragraph:

This job of teaching is a tricky one. It is one that doesn’t stay behind when you close the classroom door. It follows you home, it taps on your shoulder every time you walk into a book or craft store. Wouldn’t that be fun for school, it whispers in your ear. It nudges you awake wondering what would hook the interest of that child who seems to be drifting. It pops up in your email with questions and concerns from parents. It resists being turned off.

I immediately connected to this part of her story since I, too, find my job as a teacher following me into all of the nooks and crannies of my life (especially at the craft store – ha ha). I believe this is okay, BUT we must strive to seek some kind of balance between our work and personal lives.

Jen Barney’s blog’s tagline is “I love what I do – It isn’t a job, it is my life.” I’ve loved this phrase for a long time. It reminds me that I’m not the only person who walks through life as a teacher. It’s too hard to separate what I do for a living from who I am as a person. Therefore, I’ve stopped trying. In fact, I don’t get offended when someone in a store says, “Yeah, you look like a teacher.” In fact, I now take that as a compliment.

So what? (That’s what Ruth would probably be asking herself right now if she were writing this piece. Therefore, I’ll take a cue from her and will answer the “So what?” of this post.) I’ve come to believe that it’s okay to be thinking about what’s good for kids and how to teach them more effectively, wherever we are. I think that is what makes us better educators.

4 thoughts on “Some Honest Reflections on Our Profession

  1. Attleboro, Stacey– you didn’t come to visit!!! I will write a little note to the director(?) this week to see if we can still arrange a visit for a grade 4 and a grade 5 teacher.
    I am enjoying Kirsten’s poetry class and have amde some little progress! I have become a stanford edu BB jumkie, checking to see who posted a new poem and who has replied. I’ve been in 4 classrooms sharing a kid’s poem and asking for revision help. What fun! Every time I return to the classroom I am always in awe of what teachers do! Congratulations!!


  2. I’m often criticized by family and friends, but I too feel that teaching is my life. “Walking through life” as a teacher explains it perfectly; I’m always thinking about what to do next for my kids, and how to do it better.

    Every morning I walk in to my classroom, I’m thinking “new day, new chance to help move my students forward.” It’s satisfaction & frustration, opportunity, a blessing, and hope all rolled in to one life’s work.


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