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Poetry Friday: Change

The country is all abuzz about change: Democrats, Republicans, and even my Rabbis who spoke about change throughout Yom Kippur. Hence, after 25 hours of contemplation, I thought about change and the types of change that I can make in my life. The following is the first draft of my list poem entitled “Changes to Come.”

Changes to Come

In the year to come

I will work to

    Improve my physical health

        By getting more rest

        Continuing Pilates

        And doing Cardio

    Use my speech in positive ways

        Not to talk-back to gossip I hear

        Or to give mediocre advice

    Stand up for other people’s rights    

        Especially when other people

        Don’t know how to use their voice

        Or can’t because they won’t be heard

    Spend more time with my family

        For they are more precious to me

        Than words can begin to explain


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  1. Change really is on our minds, isn’t it? I like the way you started with your health goals and ended with your family. I think that it helps show the two are the most important on your list. Just my way of thinking. : )


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