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Stacey’s SOLSC

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5 thoughts on “Stacey’s SOLSC

  1. It is so fun to watch what all you teachers are doing for your classrooms and your students. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your lives as you work to educate the youth of your community.


  2. Rick: Thank you. Right back at you! You do amazing work with your kids!!! Don’t forget that.
    Stacie: Thanks. I got the idea from Jen Barney.
    Bonnie: I got lucky and got the teacher version for free. I’m sure there are other programs out there like this one.. not sure what they are though. LMK if you find out so I can share w/other teachers. 🙂


  3. Fun to play with Slideshow, now that there’s a mac version. Too bad there’s so much pressure to sign up for the pay editions. Oh well.

    Cool way to document your start for the new school year.

    Isn’t it fun to play with these tools?


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