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Keeping Records

Strategy Lesson Record Sheet

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It’s always been tedious recording the teaching point from strategy lessons on three – five kids’ conference record sheets every time I conduct a strategy lesson. Therefore, I’ve decided to separate the strategy record logs from my conferring logs.

I created the record sheet, right, inside of my conferring notebook; it’s in a different section. Hopefully this will make record-keeping easier in the months to come. I’ve pared-down what I’m recording to include: the date of the lesson, the students I meet with, the teaching point, and the text (whether it’s my own writing, a former student’s writing or a published author’s text) used in the strategy lesson.

To that end… this is what one of my conferring sheets looks like. (I made a change after I took Carl Anderson’s Class at the TCRWP Writing Institute this past summer. He encouraged us to write down all of our observations in the center column so we have more to refer back to before we sit down with a kid at the following conference.)

Conferring Notebook