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Meta-Language for Talking About Texts

I was just reviewing my notes from the course I took with Lucy at the TCRWP Summer Writing Institute last month. I came across a page of notes I took where Lucy summarized the best way she knows of to talk about texts with kids. I reviewed it and tried to make it my own. Here goes:

1. Talk about your experience about your interaction with a particular part of the text in a step-by-step way.
2. Point out what kinds of writerly choices the writer made and why you think the author chose to write/craft in a particular way.
3. Name the move the writer made in a way that will help the writer understand what this craft move is beyond the piece of writing you’re looking at together (i.e., teach the writer, not the writing).
—–> This should be stated in a whole sentence, not just with a term or some buzz words (e.g., “Show, not tell”).

Finally, some excellent advice that’s worth repeating:

If you want to be clear, use more words. –Lucy Calkins

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