“You can take the girl out of NY, but you can’t take the NY out of the girl!”

That’s what I say whenever I encounter a Red Sox Fan in Rhode Island. who asks me why I root for the Yankees. They’re often surprised I haven’t changed my allegiance to root for Boston (will never happen) when I moved from Manhattan to New England last year.

This past year, when there were just two fourth classrooms, there was a bit of a rivalry on our hallway when the Yankees got into the play-offs with the Sox. My colleauge is a Red Sox Fan, as were many of the fourth graders. However, there were quite a few Yankees Fans (i.e., who were kids) that banded together with me. Sadly, our team lost (They’ll win again… just look at the stats on this guy’s back!). 😦

I’m hoping for another play-off this year! If that happens, I think I’m blowing this photo up and sharing it with my NYY-Loving Students. It’s a great statistic to share, even if this guy’s shirt is a little cheesy.

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