SOLS: Bedtime Ice Cream.

At twenty-eight minutes before bedtime last night, I decided to be one cool mom and offer ice cream cones.  There were three takers.   I scooped three cones and we headed outside to the grass.  I sat down and invited them to join me.  They all did, making a perfect circle. 

I was thankful for the warm content feeling that washed over me.  After returning from a week long vacation, the day had been filled with errands and laundry and unpacking five suitcases.  Right now, as the warm breeze blew around us and we sat quietly, I was overwhelmed by the love I felt for those three tiny bodies.

They are so young, so little, and yet know so much.

They are observers of the details.  Sam spotting the sliver of moon. 

They are gracious.  Stephanie giving Sam a taste of her ice cream, here I’ll share some with you

They are wise.  Hannah reflecting on being home, even though we were apart, we were still a close family

And most importantly, they are ours, my husband’s and my kids.  The ones we waited so long to have and now, even on the most trying of days, are well loved and admired and respected and cherished.