Ruth’s SOLSC: A Walk Through Campus.

I loved (and I mean lovedlovedloved) walking through IU’s campus.  It was the most gorgeous, meaningful, life changing walk I’ve ever taken.

I remember the first time, feeling so small, wondering if I would make it back to my dorm.

I remember paying close attention to each turn and landmark, memorizing the route to class to class to class to dorm.

I remember waiting for traffic, bikers, and walk signals.

Then the journey became routine and —

I remember the walk being liberating.  A time just for me and my thoughts.  A time to sort out the world.

I remember learning to blissfully ignore the chaos of people around me, while at the same time being tuned in to the changing leaves and pouncing squirrels and painted sunsets.

I remember not caring what the traffic or bikes or walk signals were doing.  I simply walked and thought and absorbed.

I remember taking the bus once, because it was too cold for the guy I walked with to Physics.  I remember hating it.  I don’t remember ever taking it again.

I remember stepping onto IU’s campus as a barely 18 year old who’s world was narrow and leaving three years later changed.  I think those walks had a little to do with it.

Note:  I really intended this to be a slice of life — a glimpse into a walk through IU’s campus; however, I’m note so sure that I accomplished this.  It seems more of a memoir-ish type post.  Oh well . . . the point is to be writing, not to be perfect!