Stacey’s SOLSC: Six Months

I heard a knock upon our door. I didn’t get up. Then, the keys turned in the lock. It was Marc. I didn’t get up because I was scanning something with chipboard, therefore holding down the lid so that it would scan as seamlessly as possible. He came over and said, “These are for you.” I looked up and found a beautiful floral arrangement with a lovely bow to-boot. I read the card, but I already knew what they were for… our sixth month wedding anniversary (on 6/23).

I got up from what I was doing, retrieved my stem-cutting shears from a nearby drawer, and began unwrapping the plastic so I could trim them and get them into water right away.

“Would you please get me a vase?” I asked Marc.

“Sure. Which one?” he asked from the living room where we keep them all.

“The big one!”

“This one?” he questioned pointing to a rather large, clear vase that I had purchased with a Crate & Barrel Gift Card I got as a wedding present. Until this moment, we never had flowers that were large enough to stick in this vase.

“Yep, that one!” I declared. “I think they’ll fit inside.”

Marc took down the vase from the shelf and brought it over to me in the kitchen where I was happily trimming the stems. I held them up and said, “I think they’ll fit.”

I proceeded to fill the vase with warm water from the sprayer until Marc said, “Is that water cold?”

“No why?” I asked.

“I think it should be cold,” he replied. So, I took the faucet and twisted it towards the right.

“Now it’s cold,” I said.

Once it was full, I returned the spray nozzle to its resting spot and arranged the flowers gently in the vase. They looked beautiful. However, I since I liked the bright bows so much, I decided to tie them around the vase prior to putting the vase on a side table. I was glad I did, since I think it gave the vase a more festive look.