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Poetry Friday: JBKO

Caroline Kennedy put together one of my favorite anthologies of poems, A Family of Poems: My Favorite Poetry for Children, a few years ago. One of them in Sea Joy, which seems exceedingly appropriate for me to share with my students on the final Poetry Friday of the school year. If you don’t have Ms. Kennedy’s Anthology, then run out and get it today! It’s not only a collection of gorgeous poetry, but it’s also got some amazing artwork by John J. Muth to accompany nearly every poem in the book!

This week Poetry Friday is being hosted at A Wrung Sponge.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: JBKO

  1. Because I didn’t grow up near the ocean (not really near any standing or moving water at all), the ocean does not call my name. I hear the call of the wide open prairies with sky from edge to edge.


  2. I always agree with this poem… until I remember how much I love the mountains and forests. I think I have to be content to live between them and travel back and forth.

    You are right about Caroline Kennedy’s collection – it’s a dream!


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