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All Chocked-Up

Regular readers of this blog might remember how impressed I was with one of my students who artfully mentored her memoir after Cynthia Rylant last month. She’s also been writing some amazing poems this month. So, this is what I just got finished writing on her report card (and I’m all chocked-up):

Molly listens attentively and therefore has a very clear understanding of expectations. During Writing Workshop, she accepts feedback from her peers and from me and is willing to incorporate those ideas into her writing. At the same time, Molly’s also very thorough about giving feedback to her classmates both in Writing Workshop and in other subject areas. Her cooperative attitude has increased her social interaction, which has helped her make SIGNIFICANT gains in writing.

I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with Molly this year. She is a unique, kind, and thoughtful student who will be an asset to any classroom.

Isn’t it nice when we get to witness such a massive transformation in a child’s life when we see them truly change as a writer in just ten month’s time?

Her name is not Molly, but I needed to put something in so that these paragraphs made sense for you to read.

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