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Poetic Devices I Think Elementary School Kids Can Use (& Should Know About)

A Poet’s Toolbox

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We read Valerie Worth’s “Chairs” Poem today prior to Writing Workshop. Before my kids filled out the revised Responding to Poetry Form, we spent time really talking about tools poets use (i.e., they keep all of these in their toolbox and take a few of them out when they need them).The kids generated the first six bullet points with those phrases. Then, when they could no longer find the language to use, I gave them the language (e.g., onomatopoeia means sound words) and they recorded it in their notes.

I must say, having a better sense of the tools poets use, coupled with the revised Responding to Poetry Form really helped make their responses stronger today. Ahhhh! (And this, in turn, made their object poems simply spectacular! I gushed, child-after-child, as I read the first drafts of their object poems today.

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