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“Responding to Poetry” – Form Evolution

Kate and I have been going back-and-forth with “the best” format we can use for getting our kids to start responding to poetry. After something didn’t work as well with my fourth graders (as it did with my fifth graders), we worked together to recreate the fifth grade sheet I had so that it would be more developmentally appropriate, for lack of a better phrase, for our fourth graders. This is what it’s evolved into at the end of today:

Name: __________________ Date: ____________

DIRECTIONS: After reading a poem, fill in as much of the following as you can in the space provided. Staple the poem to this sheet, three-hole punch it, and put it in the “reflections” part of your Poetry Portfolio.

Title of Poem: _____________________________________

Poet: ____________________________________________

  1. What was your first response to this poem?

    Circle one: liked it or disliked it

  2. What did the poem make you think about?
  3. How did the poem make you feel?
  4. What personal connection(s) did you make? Who or what does the poem remind you of?
  5. What did you like that the poet did in the poem?
  6. What techniques did they use that you would like to try out in your own poems?
  7. Which line in this poem makes you want to draw a picture?
  8. Which words painted a picture in your mind
  9. Why do you think this poet wrote this poem? (What do you think the poet was thinking?)
  10. What mood did the poem leave you in? Describe how you felt after reading this poem in one or two BIG words.

Note: The real sheet has ample space for the kids to answer each of the ten questions.

Any thoughts, reactions, comments, suggestions would be appreciated!

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. I love this! I am teaching 5th this year and a 4/5 combo next year. I have done a lot of poetry with my students this year but want to do more next year. I hope you don’t mind if I steal this! It’s awesome! Great linkage between the poem and what the student wants to do with their OWN poetry.


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