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A New Challenge Begins Tomorrow

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Our first, of many (I hope), Memoir Mondays begins here at TWT tomorrow. A few folks asked how it works, so here goes:
When you arrive at the site, you’ll be prompted to leave a link to your post by clicking on a Mr. Linky “image linky,” which will take you to a new window. Just type in your name and the exact URL of your memory post and submit. You should be able to refresh the TWT Page and it’ll show that there’s an additional link.

As for tomorrow’s first entry, in case you need help getting started, I’ll provide a short charge to get your mind going.

THEN & NOW: Think about a good friend… someone who you’ve known for at least ten years. Reflect on the way your relationship has flourished through the years. If you need help, use photos to get started. (This post was inspired by my friend Emily, who I’ve known since 1994 – photos of us, and her, then and now. I spent the afternoon with Emily yesterday when I was in Boston. I am so thankful for her friendship… I figured that writing some kind of memoir-related piece about her, and our friendship which has been going strong for about 14 years, would be a great way to begin my first post for Memoir Mondays.)

THEN (1994):

NOW (2007 & 8):

2 thoughts on “A New Challenge Begins Tomorrow

  1. Hi Stacey,
    Just found the prompt and I will save this one for the next time. The one I began with begins my new adventures on a word press blog suggested by Stacie with ie…
    Monotone presentation for photos and text. Exciting!
    Thanks for raising the bar once again.


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