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In response to Ali’s challenge this week, I’ve been thinking of stories which represent finding balance in life.  This has stretched me as a writer.  I find myself renewed by having a project to complete.  I find myself looking at the world differently and looking at myself differently.  I find myself pulling out my writer’s notebook at random times to jot down a word or phrase or feeling because I can’t afford to forget these passing thoughts, for they are essential to the story I’m attempting to document this week.

This makes me consider the assignments we are giving our students.  Are they projects and challenges which push towards excellence?  Are they helping our students grow to be more proficient writers?  Or are they simply assignments to meet a standard or a benchmark or course requirement?  Are they simply pages filled with words that are meaningless?  And how do we create meaningful writing projects?  Projects that push and challenge our young writers to look at the world and themselves in new ways?  Projects that encourage students to care about conventions and elaboration and all of that good stuff?

No answers tonight, just some questions that are causing me to reflect a bit.

Edited:  I just checked in on Ali’s site and her post today is about focusing on the words of the stories.  I think by reflecting on her questions, I’ll gain clarity in my thinking about assignments.  Check out her post here.

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