Stacey’s Slice of Life Story for 4/1/08


It wasn’t on the side table. It wasn’t on my desk. It wasn’t on the storage shelf. It wasn’t anywhere that it should be. WHERE ON EARTH WAS MY WILSON CURSIVE KIT!?!!? I wondered.

I scheduled my kids’ first day of cursive writing instruction for tomorrow afternoon and I couldn’t find the box that contained everything I needed in it. Sure, I’ve taught cursive before, but my school bought me a kit.

Maybe if I stop looking for it, I’ll find it, I thought.

I went on with the rest of the afternoon: math and then a prep period. However, the missing cursive kit loomed in my mind.

During dismissal I began to look for it again. I searched high, I searched low. I searched everywhere I thought it should be, but couldn’t find it.

And then, I saw the blue milk crate by the heater. That’s right! It’s in there!!!

During an organizational binge I was on about six weeks ago, I recalled cleaning up a side table and putting a lot of ‘stuff’ into a milk crate. The cursive kit just had to be in there.

And it was.

So much for organizing myself!