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Four Kids Hit 31!!!!

Cards for the Fab Four

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20% of my students wrote 31 Slices of Life Stories this month. ONE EVERY DAY!!! I’m so proud of them. These are the outer shells of the cards I’m creating for them. They’ll find them in their mailboxes in school tomorrow.

I picked the grand prize winner in my class out of a basket this morning. Only the kids who wrote 31 SOLS were in the running for the grand prize, which is going to be the writer’s notebook of their choice (within reason). For all of the kids that completed 31 Slices, I’m going to scan their entries in OR type them up and put them into a scrapbook kind of thing. And, for the kids who wrote between 25 – 30 SOLS, I’m going to get them a small idea notebook for use on-the-go.

I think this is the first time in my life that I’m sad to see March end. The Challenge made it pass so quickly and kept it much more interesting than usual.

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  1. The cards a fabulous, and your prizes are so wonderful. Once again I have to say what a lucky bunch of students you have, getting to work with a teacher as caring and creative as you are!


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