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Thinking About Thesis Statements

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the thesis statements my students are going to start crafting for their literary essays lately. Therefore, in addition to the graphic organizer I produced for tomorrow’s lesson, I also put together a thesis revision template/writer’s plans worksheet for my students to use on Tuesday that looks like this:
literary essay thesis revision template

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  1. I really didn’t go into our literary essay unit with some kind of formulaic thing in mind, but most of ours had the form: _________(main character) is a ______________ (character trait) girl/boy, who realizes __________ (important lesson or theme or change), when __________ (climax event). This led to folder/paragraphs full of excellent and thoughtful inferences and personal connections that were very well connected to the stories. Some of my fifth and sixth grade students wrote about the stories that were in their packets and some wrote about books they loved. I was surprised how deeply several of them were able to think about stories as simple as Peter’s Chair and My Name In Gold. We wrapped out unit up last Thursday with a “gallery stroll” and it was my favorite writing unit of this year. I would definitely take the time in the next couple days to make sure every student has a well crafted thesis—-it’s something you’ll be very glad you did later.


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