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New Plan Book

Ruth introduced me to Winkflash a few weeks ago. I signed up for their services and received a $19.99 special deal to create a photo book of up to 100 pages. Hence, I decided to create my own lesson plan book. I created templates in Word, scanned them in, saved them as jpgs, uploaded them to Winkflash and took advantage of all 100 pages. Look!

I think the new plan book looks more professional than the one I had that was held together with clear packing tape, right? The only thing I don’t like about the one I created is that it doesn’t fold back (i.e., no spiral spine). However, perhaps by the summertime I’ll be able to create my own plan book for 2008-09 on Winkflash with a spiral spine.

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  1. Juliann: I thought of that, but was afraid the binding would break if I used it daily. I’m not sure if they’ve invented a material that’s sturdy enough for the beating it’ll take from me. Sad, but true. 🙂


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