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solc: song on the radio.

What a busy day!  Currently I’m in the midst of a major life change.  Yesterday’s slice of life was too personal to post (not to mention that I left my house at 5:30 am, didn’t return until 10:28 pm and arrived to my pillow until after 1 am), but I’m planning on sharing it next week once other things fall into place.  🙂

Today’s slice of life involves a few minutes in my car.  I zipped into the parking lot, ready to make a bee-line for the door because of the massive to-do list I have for the next 45 minutes, when I paused at the first line of a song . . . I wanna set the world on fire. 

I let go of the key and leaned back in my seat to listen to more. . . Until it’s burning bright for You;  It’s everything that I desire;  Can I be the one You use?

I was reminded of the real meaning of this thing called life . . . I wanna feed the hungry children; And reach across the farthest land; And tell the broken there is healing; And mercy in the Father’s hands.

I closed my eyes and took a couple deep breaths.  In the thick of the school year, it’s often easy to forget the main purpose of our jobs — to make others feel worthy.  I was reminded to extend a bit of grace and to slow down.  After all, without slowing down and reflecting, we really aren’t living.  Tonight take a moment to enjoy this crazy-wonderful journey called life.

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  1. I could use this reminder … ended the day with my students lecturing to them (not guiding, not encouraging, not praising) about good manners. Good slice.


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