thinking about pictures.

When Debbie Miller was here, she had recommended Tony Johnston’s book, The Harmonica.  I was instantly intrigued by the book and ordered it from Amazon.  (You can too, by using the links in my SOLC post from today!)  It arrived late last night & I read it tonight.  It unexpectedly became my SOLC Story for today.

The last half of the day on Friday, Frank Serafini focused his talk on pictures.  He shared images from children’s books as well as Seventeen and The New Yorker magazines.  He had shared some of his work on visual literacy with us and our conversation led to the Holocaust.  This is a subject where much of our understanding is from pictures.

After writing my SOLC, I realized the importance of color in aiding the meaning of the story.  Frank had suggested one way to help students to realize the impact of pictures, is to get two copies of the book & tear them apart.  Then hang the pages next to each other on one wall.  I was amazed at the impact this made (and all I saw was a photo the pages of Where the Wild Things Are lined up on a classroom wall)!  Frank also suggested running butcher-block paper the length of the “book” so that students could jot down their noticings.

I think this book, The Harmonica, would be understood more fully by using this technique.   Now if only I had my very own classroom to try this . . .