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Ruth’s SOLC: Studio Desk


The first day of March.  The first day of the Slice of Life Challenge (SOLC).  The first entry I’ve ever written in a Moleskine Notebook.  And I’ve found myself paying attention (even more) to the everyday special of an ordinary Saturday afternoon.  All of this wide-awake living has made it difficult to choose the slice of today to share.

And so I choose right now.  Sitting in my new studio, partially put-together after the move downstairs, surrounded by the art of today.  Crayons, stickers, and the stamp that Sam used; my markers in non-sensical order since a two-year-old put them away; the dull colored pencils and the marking on the counter.  Stay on the paper, his sweet voice lingers in my ears.  The bright eyes and marker streaked face give my patience the boost it needs.  I hand him the towel and he cleans up the mess — almost.

The basket of clocks, which he inspected and another basket of my essential supplies needed to create.  In front of me are the remnants from completing the cover of this notebook — made special for the SOLC.

Covering the right-hand side of my desk is the draft + illustrations for a book I’m working on to give to two special girls.  It’s a special project and one that has been filling my thoughts this week.

Finally, I take in the rest — the telephone and water glass.  The shelving units at my feet and my red squishy rug that my my cold toes have already fallen in love with.

Yes this, this slice of life, gives a glimpse into an ordinary day that feels extraordinary because of the simplicity that comes from being one very well loved happy girl.

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  1. Stacey — Actually I ddn’t alter this photo in Photoshop. (I just added the text.) It was a lucky shot considering I took it in harsh light at a quarter ’til ten at night! Still, I think you should get Adobe!!!!

    Girlgriot — Thanks for the compliment. I had a studio space in an upstairs bedroom, but have recently moved to the oversized laundry room. I’m surprised how much more scrapbooking I get done just by being downstairs in the thick of family life. (Not to mention more laundry — an added bonus.) And my space is accented in RED. Gotta love the creative vibes red sends. Here’s hoping your space is good to go soon. 🙂


  2. Love your newly-adorned Moleskine … and love that you have a new studio! Having the space to set up a craft room in the basement here (house I’ve just rented the first floor of) was one of the main items in the ‘pro’ column that made me choose this place. I haven’t unpacked all my craft supplies yet, but it’s so great having space to create something that will let me work comfortably and well!


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