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Slice of Life: Christina

Working on a Weekend

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It took a very special person to fill-in my Grandmother’s Speed Dial Spot on my cell phone after she passed away last year. In fact, I didn’t reassign the #9 spot until mid-summer. I finally gave it to Christina, my former colleague, co-author, and dear friend.

So, this afternoon, I placed my ear bud in my ear, affixed the microphone to my collar near my mouth and held-down the #9 button on my cell phone. Ring, ring, ring.

“Hey!” said Christina’s friendly voice. “Guess what I’m working on?”
“What?” I asked.
“My newsletter!” Christina declared.
I nodded my head and smiled. “Would you believe I just finished my March newsletter about an hour ago?”

Of course she believed it! Christina and I are one in the same… we both work on the school vacations and weekends because we let teaching consume us because we love it. However, this was a first for us… doing the exact same thing on the same day! Funny how you can be hundreds of miles apart and still be connected to someone with whom you are close.

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