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wn entry: quote challenge.

Stacey challenged a writer’s notebook entry on a quote.  I’ve been thinking ever since then, What quote will I write about?

Funny how Friday afternoons work — I’m selecting one completely different from those I’ve been reflecting on all week.

There is a magnificent artist in you just waiting to be brought forth.  You can reproduce your parent’s story, leave the canvas blank, or you can recognize your true identity and create a masterpiece.  The life you hold is in your hands.

— Mary Manin Morriessy

So why this quote on Friday afternoon?  Because I need it.  I need the reminder that there is a magnificent artist living inside of me.  I need the reminder that it’s up to me to create a masterpiece from my everyday life. 

And right now my everyday life entails a crying two year old boy who just wants his momma.  So I’m going to go and live with my eyes wide open.  And when he goes to bed, I’m going to reflect on this everyday special and create some art. 


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