Slice of Life Story: Overflow

I decided to make “Jackie’s Coffee” this morning, which is named after one of my cousins who passed away a few years ago. Basically, Jackie’s Coffee is half a cup of coffee + half a cup of milk. I decided to get “fancy” and steam the milk with my Tassimo this morning:

I figured that I was using a big enough mug, so I’d be okay. Well, boy did I have a close call! The milk came out frothy and almost cascaded over the top of the mug. I gasped just as the machine was about to put out more steamed milk when it stopped. “Whew!” I called out (to no one). I was so relieved that I didn’t have a massive spill on my hands from my cup of Jackie’s Coffee.

This makes me think that I should’ve used two cups and combined them later to create my cup of Jackie’s Coffee. What was the sense in taking a chance and cutting it so close that I almost made a mess? Hmmm…