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Slice of Life Writing

One of my students and her mom spent some time with me after school yesterday afternoon. (Yep, made it through the day even though I was sick!) She claimed that she had nothing to write about in her notebook, which is why she wasn’t writing. I referenced my entry to Whole Foods and told her that if she started to live with her eyes wide open, in all of the places she went to each and every day, then ideas for her notebook would come rushing into her head. She seemed sort of convinced, but not completely. (Fortunately mom was on my side and was cheering her daughter on!)

Part of my presentation at RIWP will need to touch-on this issue of “My life is boring. I have nothing to write about.”

Hence, I’m thinking of starting SLICE OF LIFE WRITING in my classroom when I return from vacation. It’ll be similar to Daily Somethings, which some of my kids adore, but will be slightly different.

According to Wikipedia, this is what a Slice of Life Story is:

A slice of life story is a category for a story that portrays a “cut-out” sequence of events in a character’s life. It may or may not contain any real plot, and often has no exposition, action, conflict, or denouement, with an open ending. It usually tries to depict the every-day life of ordinary people.

I’m going to start doing some Slice of Life Story Writing in my Writer’s Notebook over this vacation so I can use it as mentor entries with my students when I come back to school. In fact, I’m going to write these online so that my kids can access my writing online (though I’ll also print it out for those students who do not have internet access).

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