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Slice of Life Story: Pancakes for Breakfast

When I transferred the pancake mix into an airtight container last month, I forgot to cut out the directions from the side of the box before I threw out the box. Oops!

This morning I made pancakes for the first time since I threw out the directions. I started thinking ‘one cup of mix + one cup of milk + one cup of water = delicious whole wheat pancakes.’ Well, once I got everything into the mixing bowl, I quickly realized that was not the recipe. Therefore, I started throwing in handfuls of mix to thicken up the batter. Then I put in the chocolate chips in hopes that would thicken it up (it didn’t). Finally, I cracked and egg and added a splash of canola oil, which made the batter thicker.

I began placing scoops of batter on the griddle. The first four chocolate chip pancakes looked lovely. Maybe it had worked!

I asked Marc, “How do they taste?”
“I’m still chewing,” he replied. (Oh, that can’t be good!)
I waited patiently and asked, “Do they taste okay?”
“Yes, they’re delicious!” he said.

Whew! My little bit of this and little bit of that idea had worked.