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My Master Writer’s Notebook Is A…

Well, it’s a disaster!

Remember this past summer when I had this idea to recopy all of my old entries into one master writer’s notebook to use for demonstrations in my classroom? Well, I started recopying and found it tedious. But I kept at it and then started using the remaining pages for new writing.

Here’s the glitch: I used it too much and now the back cover totally broke off and the front cover, as you’ll see in the photo, is practically broken off too! (This notebook is NOT a Miquelruis, which I like to use. A different company made this spiral-spined notebook.) BTW: Ruth knew that this was not a great idea all along. Like a good friend, stried to stop me, but I was determined to make this idea work.

Needless to say, I’m a bit disappointed to see this experiment crash and burn. However, this makes me realize that this attempt to consolidate my best writing into one notebook was futile and unauthentic. You see, there’s something impressive about my students seeing ALL of my writer’s notebooks, not just one. I guess I’ll go back to the searching and the leafing through multiple notebooks to find the golden nugget I want to use in a demonstration or in a conference. Bottom Line: It’s much more authentic!

One thought on “My Master Writer’s Notebook Is A…

  1. I can see why this notebook sucked you though. Cool polka-dots! I have actually started keeping all my notes from workshops organized in a notebook. It works for me.


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