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Word Boxes

Inspired by Donovan’s Word Jar and motivated by my school’s vocabulary initiative, my students created word boxes yesterday with foam letters yesterday afternoon. These boxes are meant to be kept at home (though one student wanted to keep hers in school) and are almost like a portable word wall, but with index cards inside.

I create index cards each week for my students’ vocabulary words. My goal in having them create the Word Boxes was to allow them to have a space to keep their flash cards with each week’s words on them so that they can infuse those words, going-forward, into the writing they do at home in their notebooks and in their drafts.

My Next Teaching Move: Differentiated Spelling Lists Combined With Word Rings!

Reason: To keep those words in school so they’re on a ring, in their desks, as a constant reference for how to spell words they misspell.

One thought on “Word Boxes

  1. What a neat idea!
    Do the words have definitions on the back? Do you write out the cards or do the students? I really like the word rings.


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